A Major Step-Up in Local Integration

Google has made some major change in its algorithm. Experiments conducted by David Whitehouse, an SEO consultant, indicate that the changes have led to significant ups and downs in search results. The experiment included keywords like web design, news and ……


Personalized Search: A Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

Search giants like Bing and Google have been promoting personalized search stating that it offers much better results, but users don’t seem to agree. In a recent survey carried out by Pew Internet and American Life Project, personalized search was ……


SEO or PPC – The Better Online Marketing Tactic

SEO vs. PPC is a never-ending debate. The effectiveness of SEO and PPC tactics varies from one website to another. Commonsense suggests that basic level SEO should be carried out by each and every site. The partners, customers and stakeholders ……


What Google+ Brand Pages Mean for Businesses

Ever since the launch of Google+ in 2011, the online marketing industry has been abuzz with discussions over its potential. Until recently the platform was open only to end users, but the long awaited Google+ business pages have been finally ……


Are You On Pinterest Yet?

Over the last few months, a new social network called Pinterest has emerged. As a matter of fact, they have already beaten both LinedIn and Google+ for unique visitor volume, so I would say, as an Internet marketing firm that ……

Facebook Friendly Marketing

Are You Taking Advantage of the New Facebook?

As many of you are aware, Facebook has completely changed their look, feel, and functionality. And we have to comply by the end of March. For many businesses that developed a welcome page, including us as an Internet marketing firm, ……


Google Responds to the Criticism to their New Privacy Policy

Google recently decided to consolidate the privacy policy of its various services into one. The main reason for this move was to give a simpler and seamless internet experience to its customers. However, many people have not been quite happy ……


Better Reports from AdWords Performance Grader

It has been six months now, since Wordstream launched their AdWords Performance Grader tool. The main goal of the tool was to tell the marketers in a very simple way about the performance of their ad campaigns. It has been ……

Social Mobile Apps

The SOMO Trend

As an advertising professional, I’ll admit it: watching commercials prior to a feature presentation in a movie theatre is what I would call a slight agitation of mine (others may call it harassment). I’m forced to unwillingly gaze up at ……

Mobile Device

Going Mobile in 2012

During AdWeek in Toronto, Google’s own Jesse Haines, Group Marketing Manager at the big media mogul, introduced “How to Go Mo in 2012″ to emphasize the importance of utilizing mobile. Mobile is a market that every marketer should be appropriating ……

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