How to Attract More Followers to Your Google+ Business Page

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Google+ for Business

Google+ is one of the fastest growing social media sites on the internet, with more than a billion registered users (and 359 million of them active). It also has many interesting features which make it one of the most business friendly social media sites out there.

One powerful incentive for having a Google+ business page is that the service can dramatically increase your ranking on Google search results. No surprises here, as it is a Google run platform. Google+ can not only build your brand, but also boost to your SEO efforts and improve the online exposure of your business. Here are a few ways you can improve your standing on Google+.

Create a Personal Google+ Profile Along with your Business Profile

A personal page can help you reinforce and grow your business on Google+. If your ultimate goal is to build a network of followers on your business page, you will need a personal page that complements it. The best way to do this is to use both the pages in tandem, as this will create alignment and improve both your business and personal brands. Google’s search engine is a sucker for original content, so ensure that you have two strong profiles working together to engage and enlist new followers.

Post Engaging Content on your Google+ Page

Think of your Google+ page as a microblog. You should make an effort to go beyond simply commenting or tagging (+1’ing) content from other people. Post updates to your Google+ page regularly. Ensure that the content is value adding, exclusive and compelling, both in substance and visuals.

Your posts on a Google+ profile will reflect in Google results, which is all the more reason why you must treat your Google+ page as a microblog. Of course, be mindful of catering the content for the audiences of your business and personal pages by theme and tone. In other words, keep your posts more specific to business topics on your business page, but feel free to have a little more fun with the content on your personal profile.

Add Relevant Businesses and People to Circles

If you follow businesses and people that interest you, you will find that many will reciprocate and follow you in turn. Adding other companies to your Circles gives others a sense of what you are interested in and what businesses you are connected with.

It is important to note, however, that much of your outreach and networking will be better served when done via your personal profile. It results in indirect benefits and hits to your business page as users seek out more information about you. Try sharing some of your business posts on your personal page. Members of your circles will take note and inevitably navigate to your business page as a result.

Engage the People in your Circles in Meaningful Ways

Starting a Google+ page for your business is just the beginning of your efforts. You must stay active and engage with people on a regular basis. Don’t allow your page to get stagnant by posting once and never again. You should be sharing regular updates, images and useful links for others to share and comment on. On your business page, your engagement will most likely be limited to answering queries from people, posting industry advice, expertise and related media.

Note that much of the proper networking you will do will be through your personal profile. This involves more than just liking the posts of others. Follow and interact with people active in your niche. Read and take an interest in what they are posting and sharing. Post thoughtful comments yourself, and take part in relevant communities, hangouts and discussions. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for trending topics so that you are up-to-date with subjects that your followers are discussing.

If you follow these parameters, you should be able to grow your list of followers on both your personal and business pages with Google+.

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