Generate Immediate Traffic and Conversion to Sale through Pay Per Click

Are you looking to generate immediate traffic to your website or improve on an existing pay per click campaign (PPC) that may be faltering? Are you looking to gain a better understanding of what can be done to maximize both the traffic and leads or online sales through a PPC campaign?

To truly get the most out of a PPC campaign, four distinct elements have to be done well, and all four contribute to the success or failure of every PPC campaign:

  • Correctly set up your campaign and ad groups in Google Adwords.
  • Develop compelling ads that maximize the click through rate.
  • Produce effective landing pages in the form of a website or squeeze page, to maximize conversion from traffic to a lead or online sale.
  • Maximize your ad rank, using highly effective Search Engine Marketing (SEM) methods, based on the first three variables.

At Wolf21, we understand that to get the most out of your Internet marketing investment, all four areas need to be optimized, and that is why we use a nine–step PPC management and results maximizer process:

Step 1 – Market and Competitor Research – to understand what the pay per click market looks like from the ads that your competitors are using, to the offers they make, to the cost of advertising, and what you need to do to win the ranking war.

Step 2 – Establishment of Goals – before a PPC campaign is set up, we first work with you to understand and outline your goals to ensure that your entire campaign is structured correctly, from your ads to your landing pages, to your offer, to the set up of your reporting.

Step 3 – Keyword Research – by understanding the goals of your campaign, we help you select the most SEM–suitable keyword phrases for your campaign, to maximize both traffic and conversion.

Step 4 – Group Keywords into AdGroups – selecting the proper keyword phrases is just the start of effective Search Engine Marketing. Grouping the keywords into proper ad groups is one of the most critical steps to a successful PPC campaign. At Wolf21, we work with you to group your keyword phrases into proper ad groups, to ensure that both your ads and landing pages can be structured correctly for the best possible result and marketing return on your investment.

Step 5 – Ad Creation – there are four distinct elements within just a text ad that have a significant impact on results, including the headline, two description lines, and the display URL. At Wolf 21, we work with you to develop ads that include relevant keywords in the headline to maximize relevance and click through, develop a clear value proposition and offer that communicates a compelling message, and properly utilize the display URL to further maximize both the relevancy and click through rate of your ads.

Step 6 – Landing Page Development – since landing pages have a significant impact on both relevancy and conversion to lead or online sale, we assist with the development of landing pages to match each of your ad groups. This is the area where even existing PPC campaigns can be ramped up to provide a considerably higher rate of return. Whether you simply need direction on how to develop landing pages for each of your ad groups or you would like us to design and develop the content for each landing page, Wolf21 will provide the necessary support to maximize both relevancy and conversions.

Step 7 – PPC Campaign Building and Development – once your campaign has been structured correctly with the proper selection of keyword phrases, ad groups, ads, and landing pages, we then set up your campaign in Google Adwords to get optimal Search Engine Marketing results.

Step 8 – Tracking and Reporting Set Up – based on the goals of your PPC campaign, we then set up tracking and reporting, to ensure that you are able to analyze your campaign and areas of opportunity for improvement and optimization for constant growth and success.

Step 9 – Continual Campaign Optimization – all forms of marketing from search engine optimization to Pay Per Click campaigns can continually improve and maximize results, in terms of both volume and cost efficiencies. At Wolf21, once we have launched your PPC campaign, we help you monitor it and make the necessary enhancements to the keywords, ad groups, ads, and landing pages to continue to improve your results. And as an organization that prides itself on being a strong SEO company, we combine the benefits of both PPC and SEO to provide the best possible on–going results for your business.

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