SEO or PPC – The Better Online Marketing Tactic

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SEO vs. PPC is a never-ending debate. The effectiveness of SEO and PPC tactics varies from one website to another. Commonsense suggests that basic level SEO should be carried out by each and every site. The partners, customers and stakeholders of a firm expect to find its website at the top, when conducting a search for its brand name. It is necessary for every organization to ensure that it ranks high for its brand name as well as relevant search terms by implementing effective optimization strategies on its own or with the help of SEO experts.

With Google’s increased focus on interior pages, effective SEO is more important than ever before. While SEO is essential, it is not a good idea to disregard PPC. The biggest difference between SEO and PPC is that the former, although cost effective, does not offer control over timing, placement and content, while PPC, although expensive, provides complete control over these aspects.

SEO techniques help improve search ranking and boost traffic. This is likely to benefit all sites in general. In short, each and every site should invest in at least basic level SEO. PPC on the other hand is suitable for sites featuring a robust revenue model. Decision regarding the use of PPC depends on whether or not it pays. If you receive positive returns from your PPC campaign, it is the right choice. Calculating the dollar amount for PPC campaign will also help you maximize returns.

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