Keyword Research – Explore Your Territory

Our keyword research strategy is simple. We analyze your business and devise a priority list of keywords and keyword phrases. What does this mean for your business?

As part of our campaign analysis, we categorize your keywords and place them on a sliding scale of importance:

  • General. These words describe in broad strokes what your business is and what it does. They deliver a high volume of prospects, but those prospects may have only a passing interest in your business.
  • Specialized. These more specialized keyword lists focus on your products and services. These keywords help you zone in on your ideal target. They will attract a smaller number of prospects, but those prospects will be stronger leads.
  • Highly Specific. These are highly specific keywords that pertain to product and service names, part numbers, and so on. There won’t be many of these important keywords, but they will deliver the most valuable result: relevant leads that are looking to buy.

Categorizing keyword research helps us to decide where to focus our energies and efforts throughout our keyword research project.

Using Keyword Research to Optimize your Web Site

Selecting which keywords to use in your search engine optimization (SEO) or adwords efforts can be a daunting task. There are so many variations on even the simplest keyword phrase that it is very difficult for most business owners to decide which terms are appropriate for their market. What’s more, keyword research is time consuming. Wolf21 keyword research is a smart Internet marketing investment that saves you time and gets you the best search results possible using a free online tool like Google Suggest or Overture and paid tools including wordtracker.

Our sliding scale analysis, you are better equipped to decide on the best terms to use when optimizing your web site.

Once you have decided which keywords to optimize for, we can pull together the content you need and place those keywords where they will be most effective.

Wolf21 Keyword Research Keeps You Competitive

It is a common practice for an SEO company to charge for each keyword that is optimized. At Wolf21, our keyword research service never loses sight of your bottom line.

In our efforts to provide you with the best keyword research, we focus on the number of keywords that make sense for your type of business and the volume of copy you want on your site. Of course, since search engines crave content, we recommend that you continually create relevant content. Adding relevant content each month provides more opportunity for you to optimize for a wide range of keywords.

At the same time, we understand that you cannot always afford to develop a web site that consists of 20 pages when 10 might do the job. So we tailor our keyword research to you and your needs, ensuring that you can optimize for the keywords that are most likely to bring you the valuable, targeted traffic that you want.

Professional Content with Natural Placement of Keywords

Keyword research has to go hand in hand with content. Our content creation services offer relevant copy that not only incorporates your keywords, but also works them in naturally and subtly. The end result is a site that is a pleasure to read but still has the technical attributes needed to attract search engines