Local Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services – Protect Your Home Territory

Local SEO services can provide your business with a competitive advantage over your competition.

Local search engine optimization is poised to become one of the biggest growth areas in online search marketing. Small businesses that cater predominantly to local markets would do well to capitalize on this trend while it is still in its early stages.

Google, Yahoo and MSN are beefing up their local search options.

What is local SEO? It occurs when people searching the web for services and products use search terms that include their municipality or region. Local searches are one of the most highly qualified searches around. To dominate the rankings for your industry, your SEO plan must include local services.

Local Services Start with Keywords

Successful local SEO services begin with keyword research. At Wolf21, we offer top-notch keyword research and analytics so you can get a clear picture of which keywords are performing for you. From there, you can see patterns in search terms and focus on new areas, like local searches, that can bring you more targeted traffic

Our local SEO services incorporate this keyword research into an effective, results–driven SEO plan that focuses on links, content, and site structure, ensuring that you land at the top of local search listings.

Wolf21 – Casting a Wide Net in Local Advertising Services

While many consumers still use the major search engines for local searches, an increasing number are looking elsewhere. Our local services factor in all of the possible starting points for local searches and make sure that you are listed there.

There are many smaller, local directories that can plat a part in any business’ strategy in targeting a specific geographic area. But there are also a great number that do not rank well with search engines. When deciding on local services for your SEO or SEM campaign, you may find the choices of local directories overwhelming, especially when you have to pay for the listing. You may also start to lose track of where you listed. Not to mention that there may be costs for some listings. You need to determine whether the costs are worth it.

Our local SEO services include evaluating a list of which directories are best for you. We look for the best free listings and find the best value for you in the paid directories.

When devising our local services, we also analyze the market you are targeting to find valuable online community organizations. These organizations often provide various types of listings that can get your name recognized in the community.

Local SEO Services Will Lead You to the Top

Wolf21 offers comprehensive SEO services, from keyword research to detailed analytics to expert consulting and training programs. We apply that knowledge to our local SEO services, to develop the most successful local search results for you.