Are you having a difficult time improving your ranking within the top search engines such as Google? Are you having difficulty understanding how Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done, and why your competitors are winning the search engine war?

As a leading SEO company in Toronto, we advise that winning the SEO game takes the proper balance of both on–page and off–page optimization. From an on–page perspective it’s all about building a website from the ground up using SEO fundamentals that search engines view as important. For example, it’s no longer good enough simply to add keywords that you would like to rank well for, on different pages. It’s now about developing the pages themselves with a proper theme and high quality content, so your prospects have a good experience. From an off–page perspective, it’s all about building both high volume and high quality links that point back to your website.

The bottom line is that Google and other search engines want to provide a good experience for users, and they do this by providing highly relevant, fresh content. And before ranking a site well, they look at the volume, relevance, and above all the quality of other sites that link to it, to ensure that it is truly viewed as an authority in its own industry.

At the Wolf21 SEO Company Toronto, we understand this logic, and we do what it takes to get results for you. We work as partners with our clients, demonstrating the strategies for building a site that looks great, follows strong Internet marketing principals, is designed to maximize conversions to leads or online sales, and ranks well to drive traffic.

And we understand as an SEO company that you don’t get results by simply submitting websites indiscriminantly to a bunch of directories regardless of their quality. We perform an in–depth 8–Step SEO Accelerator process which includes:

1. Website Performance Analysis – to determine if your site is properly coded, loads quickly, and has keyword phrases used in the correct areas, and how well your existing pages are ranked by Google and other search engines.

2. Backlink Analysis – to identify sites that are currently linking to your site, to outline both problems and areas of opportunity.

3. Competitor Analysis – to understand what keyword phrases your competitors are competing for, why they are performing well, and what you need to do to improve your rank and win the ranking war.

4. Keyword Analysis – to clarify which keyword phrases you can and should target to maximize both traffic and conversion. Much of this SEO learning can also be applied to pay per click campaigns, to ensure that high converting keyword phrases are selected, not those that merely generate high traffic.

5. Site Structure Development – before we make changes to your site, we take the time to map out the structure to ensure that your site is properly designed and completely scalable for the future.

6. Web Page Content Development and Theming – our experienced team of SEO, marketing, and copywriting experts work together to ensure that not only do you receive content that includes the proper keywords for search engines, but that it’s also well written for prospects, connecting with them emotionally, positioning you correctly, and compelling them to take action.

7. Web Page Coding – we code your website correctly so that search engines are easily able to find what they are looking for while your pages load quickly, satisfying both the needs of search engines and users.

8. Link Building – understanding that link building is where you achieve real results in SEO, we review both your local and expanded search needs and create a link building strategy properly designed to beat the competition from both a quantitative and qualitative perspective. Quantitatively, we establish a plan to build more links than your competitors. Qualitatively, we develop solutions that build higher quality links than your competition, using the most effective strategies from syndicating articles to guest blogging.

At the Wolf21 SEO Company Toronto, we don’t cut corners or settle for quick “solutions” that focus in quantity but lack in quality. We get results by doing the necessary heavy lifting it takes to win the SEO war for our clients.

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