Easy and Effective Link Building Ideas for Small Businesses

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Many small business owners new to SEO may find link building complicated. Link building doesn’t necessarily have to be highly technical. Here are a few easy and effective ideas to help you get started with link building.

As a business owner, you are bound to have connections with many suppliers, customers as well as other companies from your own and other industries. You can make use of these connections to build links. Most of these suppliers and customers will have websites of their own. In case of close relationships, you can simply ask them to include a link to your site on their website. With others, you can make them an offer to write a testimonial and get your link included on their site.

Presence of a community of active users on your website can also be useful for link building. In case your users mostly include young social networkers, you can start a contest in which users need to create videos, tweets etc. This will increase your site’s mention in social media resulting in generation of traffic as well as links to you site.

Competitor analysis is also very helpful in link building. This may be a little technical but many tools like Yahoo! Site explorer are available which have made competitor analysis very easy. If your competitors are ahead of you in search rankings, analyzing their link building strategies will help you improve your own strategy.

Based on your requirements and budget you can also take the help of a SEO company to build links for your site, but these are a few easy ideas that you can employ on your own to get backlinks to your site.

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