Join the Conversations That Are Already Taking Place

Social media marketing is a cost–effective way to connect with your audience, boost brand presence, and intensify traffic to your site. Watch the number of loyal visitors to your site–and your brand’s popularity–explode as reviews and recommendations spread through word of mouth.

Having a strong social media presence isn’t an option anymore – it’s an absolute necessity for any company that hopes to be competitive in today’s market. But where do you start?

Connect, Communicate, and Create a Community Through Message Boards

Maintaining an active presence on Facebook, Twitter, and other message boards is absolutely essential for any company that wants to influence the people who matter. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up accounts and create profiles.
  • Custom design profiles to align with your brand.
  • Arrange automation of posts and tweets.
  • Develop content, if required.
  • Set up and monitor buzz.

Expand Your Reach with LinkedIn and Authority within the Search Engines

LinkedIn is a highly underrated and underutilized social network. Did you know that LinkedIn is a search engine with a lot of authority on Google and other search engines? There are many benefits to utilizing LinkedIn.

First, you can boost your search engine optimization by utilizing the various linking opportunities that are available. Second, you can import and promote your blog feed. Third, you can plan and promote events. Fourth, you can establish your own group to engage with fans or even participate in groups that pertain to your topic of interest. Fifth, you can get recommended by both prospects and clients – providing immediate social proof and credibility. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up accounts, and create profiles and groups.
  • Research groups to engage with.
  • Set up blog integration.
  • Develop content, if required.
  • Set up and monitor buzz.

Drive Traffic and Become the Expert in Your Industry through Blogging

A well–written, value–drive blog drives traffic, establishes you as an expert, serves as a fantastic viral Internet marketing tool, and is an easy way to push content to your social networks. Blogging can also have a huge impact on search engine optimization (SEO). How? Blogging generates the fresh content that search engines are looking for. In addition, blogging on other sites creates the inbound links that boost your ranking. As an Internet marketing and SEO company, Wolf21 will:

  • Create your blog, aligning it with your website and brand.
  • Help you develop a strategy for content and media, including videos.
  • Write articles, if needed.
  • Set up and monitor results.

Harness the Power of Video to Maximize Exposure

YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. Any successful social marketing strategy includes building a YouTube channel, then syndicating video to other channels. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up your organization’s YouTube channel.
  • Custom design the channel to align with your brand.
  • Develop compelling videos that support your marketing strategy.
  • Search engine optimize your videos, to get found on YouTube and drive traffic to your site.

Automate to Save Time and Money

You don’t have to spend tons of time sending each and every post or tweet manually. New tools now allow for simple and effective automation. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up a system, tools, and processes so you can automate distribution, saving you time and money.

Monitor the Buzz in Your Industry–and Join the Conversation

Social networking monitoring tools enable you to monitor the buzz in your industry and join the conversations that are taking place, allowing you to enhance your community and following. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up a system, tools, and processes that allow you to monitor–and respond to–what’s happening in your market.

Get the Most Out of Your Social Networking Through Proper Analytics

Ensure your social networking strategy is really working by monitoring the results. Wolf21 will:

  • Set up web analytics to measure the number of visitors your social networks are generating, how many leads or sales are produced, and how many fans and centers of influence have been created.

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