WordPress Features & Option to make it Easier on Clients

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With the latest versions of WordPress came new features, and additions to the Codex. Many of these features allowed non-technical people to do more things with the platform, and made it easier for web designers make sites that anyone could update with more features.

Along with features there also came more “Plugins” that also let you add options, one of the ones I found that made it easier to have clients change things on their WordPress site was “More Fields” this lets you create “Boxes” that can be add the the “Edit” page for “Posts” or “Pages” and that you can use the generated “Code” to add it to a “Template” , this allows a “Client” to change text that is in a Header or even an “H1” so the “Client” is not exposed to too much “Code”.
With the “twenty-ten” theme as a base you can add a “Featured Image” that you can call in your code, or check to see if something is on the page or even if it is a certain type of page. Also with other “Plugins” and the “WordPress Codex” you can even have a site with an option to have it in different languages, and check to see if the page the person is viewing has a certain URL.

So in closing “Wordpress” keeps working at being more then a “Blogging” platform, and with newer features and options you can make a Site that is functional , and easy to update.

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