Website Design – Five Blunders You Should Avoid

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The design of your website is critical for the success of your online business. If a website looks great, but scores low on usability, it would not have a very good conversion rate. Here are some website design blunders that should be strictly avoided.

Complex processes

You need to ensure that navigation, ordering process and the like are easy and intuitive. Take a look at your website from the user’s perspective and analyze what changes would make things easier for customers. ‘Search’ and ‘home’ buttons should be present on all pages and customers should be able to make a purchase in minimum number of steps.


Preferences differ from one customer to other, but you can’t please everyone. Trying to cram in as much content as possible on your website is not the answer. You need to prioritize and select the content that would be most useful, and organize it in a logical and neat manner.

Static design

Continuous efforts for improvement of your website conversion are necessary. Only a website that constantly evolves can keep customers engaged and maintain good search ranking.

Disregarding analytics

Before you start designing a new website, it is a good idea to take a look at the analytics of your existing websites. This will give you an idea about the keywords being used to find your site, major sources of traffic, the popular elements of your website and much more. All this information will help you design a better site.

Ignoring customer needs

Ignoring customer needs while designing website is the surest way to lose customers. Customer needs should be kept in mind while designing every element of your website. For instance, harsh colors may look great but if they make it difficult for customers to read your content, they are not a good choice.

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