Use Microsoft Excel to Track Your SEO Activities

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The search engine optimization process requires the use of a variety of tools. As SEO involves a lot of data and variables, managing the whole thing manually is impractical. You need some tools to help you organize and keep a track of all the SEO activities undertaken and their results. There are many tools available that can be of great help in the process, and some of these are free and easily accessible

A key requirement for successful SEO is maintenance of a centralized record of all activities undertaken. This is where custom made excel tools can come to your rescue. Microsoft Excel is a highly flexible software which can be used to build innovative tools for your SEO tracking needs. Excel provides a huge set of inbuilt functions and the ability to develop ‘macros’ that you can leverage while building these tools. You can use such tools to keep track of all your SEO activities in a detailed and consolidated manner. Here are some ways in which you can use Excel for SEO:

Maintaining search ranking records

Keeping a record of your SERPs on a regular basis will help you understand your standing in comparison to your competitors and the work you need to put in to reach the top slot. With excel tools, you can maintain SERP records and refer to them conveniently when needed.

Monitoring back links

You should ideally keep a track of all the links you build as you need to regularly monitor if the links are still working or are broken.

Keyword traffic calculation

Excel tools can also help you predict the traffic levels that can be expected for different search rankings by extrapolating from the available total traffic estimates. With such a tool, an SEO company can easily determine if a particular keyword is worth the effort.

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