Five traits of Successful Twitter Accounts

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Twitter is among the popular social networking sites that are often used by companies for marketing. But to succeed in your social media marketing campaign, you should know how to make the best use of Twitter. According to a recent report, successful and popular Twitter accounts are comprised of these five basic qualities.

The first trait is self confidence. It has been observed that successful business accounts in Twitter have portrayed confidence and expertise in their products and services. Obviously, users cannot trust or be interested in your products, when you yourself have no clarity or confidence in them.

Second and perhaps the most important trait is – listening. Social media marketing is not just talking about your products; it is also about being receptive to feedback from users and responsive to their requests and complaints that are helpful in improving your product or service quality.

Successful businesses on Twitter make customers feel empowered. After listening and responding to customers’ complaints, you need to take the necessary action as expected by them. That way, you make them feel important and empowered.

Surprising your customers and followers with rewards and goodies that no other brand offers, is another way to succeed in your social media marketing campaign. Such actions will give the customers a pleasant experience with your company, and increase your popularity.

Finally, you should be consistent. Staying in constant touch with your followers, and keeping your marketing campaign active each day, is essential to increase and retain your customers.

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