Tools to Create Great Custom Images for Your Blog Posts

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Learning how to create effective blog posts is an important part of social media marketing training. Great graphics can make even an ordinary post a success. On the other hand, even an exceptionally well-written post can become uninteresting, if accompanied by clichéd or boring videos and pictures.

Custom graphics are the most effective way of taking your blog posts to the next level. Numerous image editing tools available online have made the task of creating custom graphics much easier.


The ease of use and many features make Splashup a great image editing tool. If you wish to blur certain parts of an image before republishing it, you can do this easily with Splashup. It also offers layer capabilities.


If you wish to add something to a picture, one of the simplest ways to do this is using Jing. It offers basic image editing options like the addition of lines, text, highlights and arrows.Apart from creating custom blog post images, Jing can be used for a number of other things as well.



A number of features offered by Lupanic resemble those found in Splashup. Although similar in the core image editing options, the additions and preset effects offered by Lunapic set it apart from Splashup. The tool is especially useful, if you want to create animated GIFs from a picture.


If you want to give your blog post image a unique look, Pixlr can help you do this easily. It offers a number of features to add effects, for instance retro effect, to your graphics.

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