Tools to Catch Hot Topics at Facebook

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For successful social media marketing, you need to know the latest topics being discussed on the social channels and some simple tools can be a great help for this. Here are some tools to help you find hot topics on Facebook.


You can catch all the content surrounding a topic or your keywords on Facebook with this tool. It has a neat interface that allows you to browse content in various categories like entertainment, sports, videos, gaming, technology, comedy, images and news.


This tool can also be used to find the latest buzz on Facebook around particular subjects. The tool has a different interface compared to ItsTrending and it lets you find content based on popularity, timeframe as well as topics.


This tool is similar to AllThingsNow and serves a similar purpose, but the arrangement of features differs. Here again you can find content filtered by popularity, topics as well as timeframes. There are categories like newest, most shared recently, most shared ever, most viewed and popular. Every category comes with a search option.


This tool helps you find the pages that are being shared on Facebook from any domain. You can find out the recent popular shares and the latest shares as well.


This is one more tool to help you find content by domain. The tool is very similar to LikeButton in terms of look as well as functionality but here you can only find the latest shares by domains.

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