Tips for Effective Social Media PR

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Journalists are a primary target for a company’s PR professionals. According to a survey by TEKGROUP International, 99 percent journalists expect companies to have online newsrooms and 95 percent want access to pictures and other information in the online newsrooms, 77 percent think that a company’s newsroom should provide access its social media networks, 45 percent use corporate blogs to search for stories, 40 percent prefer to receive updates through twitter and 25 percent visit a company’s Facebook page.

These results indicate the need to integrating your online PR strategy with social media marketing and SEO strategies for best results.

Ensure a social media friendly online newsroom

In case a company doesn’t have an online newsroom, creating one should be a priority. The company pressroom has to be social media friendly. You can employ external solutions to help your company create a social media friendly newsroom.

Write posts, tweets and press releases with SEO viewpoint

It is essential to optimize all the social media content and press releases of a company with keywords and links. It is best to avoid fluff and keep the content to the point. Keyword research is necessary for social media content as well. You can also use the best performing keywords from your PPC campaign for this purpose.

Build and measure referring links

Analytic programs like Google analytics and refer to social media channels like Twitter, Yelp, Facebook and corporate blogs as referring links. It is important to improve the quality as well as quantity of these referring links.

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