Two Tips for your Social Media Campaign

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Social Media IconsSEOmoz released a very interesting article outlining ways to improve social media exposure by two simple, yet effective tips. If you are a company that offers public internet access—such as a hotel, library, coffee shop, etc—then these tips are especially important.

  1. Post a printed sign This is as simple as it sounds. Create a sign on your computer, print it off and put it beside the computers that people will be using. The sign should include a call to action to “Find us on Facebook” or “Follow us on Twitter”. This way the web addresses are directly in front of the user. There are often times when we are waiting for a website to load or our log in information to be accepted. Posting a call to action sign is a great way to take advantage of this waiting time. It is much like advertisements on a bus. The audience is captivated and therefore reading of the signs is more likely to occur.
  2. Control the landing/sign in page Too often the landing page after a user has logged in simply says “Thank you for logging in, you may now continue browsing the internet.” Although it is nice to thank the user for logging in, why waste an entire page with this single sentence. Use the landing page to your advantage to promote your social media initiatives. Include links directly to your different social media pages, so that users can “Follow you on Twitter” or “Find you on Facebook” or opt into your email mailing list. These tactics will work because users expect some sort of landing page when logging on at a different location. Also, offer a unique call to action, such as “join our email list to receive a 10% discount at the lobby restaurant.” This will increase your chances of users entering their email address.

Keep in mind these simple social media tips as they can aid in your social media campaign if your company offers public internet access.

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