Six Tips to Increase Your Email Deliverability

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Even with the use of an opt-in mailing list, it is possible that your emails may get marked as spam. According to a survey conducted by ReturnPath, 44 percent people said that they received junk mail even from known senders. This means that even after opting-in, some customer email clients may consider your email as junk.

The survey also indicated that 55 percent people deleted junk mails, while 27 percent reported such emails as spam. Spam reports negatively impact your email deliverability. Here are some tips to help you increase your email deliverability.

  • Use a sender name that recipients know. Very often customers delete or report as spam the emails received unknown senders. You can use your company name for this purpose.

  • Ensure that your subject line is clear. Most recipients decide based on the subject line whether to read the entire email or dispose it. A subject line that clearly states your identity and purpose is necessary to ensure that your email is recognized as legitimate.

  • Remove defunct email addresses from your list. If you send emails to nonexistent addresses repeatedly, ISPs notice this. Getting rid the defunct email addresses can improve your email deliverability.

  • Confirmed opt-in or double opt-in is the most effective method of increasing your email deliverability. In this method, you send emails to the customers who have subscribed through different venues, and ask them to confirm their subscriptions. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective and popular methods of internet marketing, but it can be successful only if your emails make it to the customer’s inboxes.

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