Tips to Improve Your Online Sales

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The only way to find out for sure whether or not a strategy works for your business is by practically testing it. If you have been involved in company internet marketing, you will agree that one cannot depend on assumptions. Testing various strategies is the only way to find out what works best for you. Here are some strategies you can try out and give a boost to your online sales.

Ensure your opt-in offer is placed at an optimum position

Opt-in lists are important for maintaining contact with your customers and building long term relationships with them. Opt-in offer is the tool that you use to gather email addresses of potential customers. The positioning of your opt-in offer on the site has a significant impact o the number of subscribers you attract.

In case you use a short sales letter, ensure that the opt-in offer appears within the top fold of your home page. Try placing it in various prominent positions like the top left side and the top of the page to find a position that gives best results. In case of a long sale letter, introduce your opt-in offer after you have identified customer problems, offered a solution and provided proof of your credibility.

Focus on customers

One thing common in all successful sales copies is that they focus on customers. If your sales copy is filled with words like ‘me’, ‘I’ or ‘we’, you need to make some major changes or develop a new copy altogether. Try to replace all the ‘I’, ‘me’ and the like with ‘you’, ‘your’ and the words that place focus on customers.

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