Tips for Running Successful Facebook Competitions

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In the last year, Facebook has emerged as one of the most powerful advertising platforms for internet marketing. But generating interest in your Facebook page and standing apart for others is a big challenge for small businesses. Many bigger brands are successsfully using competitions as a means of increasing their popularity. While competitions can be a great way to increase the number of your page ‘likes’, there are some things you need to keep in mind for running a successful Facebook competition.

Follow the Facebook promotions guidelines

Strictly adhering to the Facebook promotions guidelines is necessary as violations can get your page removed from the site. Things like running competitions directly on your Facebook page, having visitors enter competition automatically and intimating winners on their Facebook wall etc. are against the guidelines.

Consider all applicable legal aspects

Along with Facebook guidelines, the laws of your country should also be considered. For example, sweeptakers contests are illegal in some countries.

Ensure that the competition fits well in your marketing plan

Only if the competition fits with your overall marketing plan, will it help you attain your main objective which is increased traffic and conversion rates. Before starting any competition, it is important to consider you target market and the kind of competitions and prizes that would interest them. Facebook competition should be a part of your overall marketing campaign which includes both online and offline marketing activities.

Beware that these competitions can also lead to bad publicity. In case you think that Facebook competitions are not for you, there are other ways as well of promoting your Facebook page.

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