Tips to Find Guest Posting Opportunities

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Guest blogging, as a part of company internet marketing strategy, has multiple benefits like link building potential, a great way to build new contacts and reach new audiences. But many people find searching for guest posting opportunities a bit troublesome. Here are some search tips to help you find the most relevant results easily.


Use all possible variations and search for the exact terms


Bloggers use numerous phrases to invite guest posts. For instance, any of the phrases like write for us, submit a guest post, submit a blog post or contribute to our site may be used for this purpose. You need to search for all possible variations to find the most suitable opportunities. To get relevant results, search for the exact terms using quotation marks.


Get broader but relevant search results using ‘or’ and ‘~’


You may find it difficult to describe your area of interest in a few words. For instance, you may be interested in guest posting on blogs dealing with topics like health, diet, exercise and healthy aging. To get a higher number of relevant results, you can instruct Google to find any of these terms using ‘or’ between them. So your search will look like, “health or diet or exercise or healthy aging guest post”.


You can widen you results using ‘~’ to include synonyms of a word. For instance, a search for “~diet” will include related words like dieting and weight loss.


Get more results without sacrificing relevancy with ‘*’


Bloggers may invite guest posts with small variations like “Become writer” or “Become our writer”. Use of quotation mark to search for exact phrases will result in exclusion of relevant but slightly different phrases. You can include these in your search results using “*”. Search for “become * writer” will include phrases like “Become writer” and “Become our writer”


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