Four Tips to Make Your Email Newsletters More Social

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Email newsletters are an important part of a company’s Internet marketing strategy. Integration of emails and social media has brought about many opportunities as well as challenges for online marketers.


Social media has changed customer expectations about brand interactions. Today customers not only want businesses to hear their opinions and problems, but also act upon them. Social media has made such interaction between businesses and customers possible. Here are some tips to help create socially sharable email newsletters.


Get content ideas from customers


You may be an expert in your field, but the best way to give customers exactly what they need is by asking them. You can collect such information using tools like polls, surveys or directly asking questions on your blog or social pages on sites like Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.


Create content that people will want to share


The content which users find relevant to their daily lives is most likely to be widely shared. You can create content that deals with common issues faced by customers in your industry and their solutions. You can also offer news, latest trends, reviews of books or products related to your industry and case studies. Discussion or debates are also effective way of engaging customers. Ensure that you include a wide variety of socially sharable content in your newsletter.


Spread word about your newsletter on all your social media pages


Link your newsletter to all your social media pages. Ensure you inform customers about content of your latest newsletter by posting teasers on all your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and also on your blog.

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