Tips for Boosting Your Website Authority

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website authorityWebsite authority has always had a direct relation to website traffic. But with Google’s Panda update, it is clear that the search engine is now putting further emphasis on promoting authoritative and content rich sites. Here are some simple tips to help you send the right signals to Google.

Press Releases

Press releases are an effective way of boosting your website authority in the eyes of search engines as well as your target audience. You don’t need to do something extraordinary for this. For instance, if you own an online health food supply store, you can create an ebook about the importance of healthy eating or healthy weight loss and inform everyone about it through press releases.

You need to make the most of the time and effort you put in to your work, which is press worthy. Include one or two deep links in the press release. Its great if you get the link benefit from the press release, but even if you don’t, the link in the contact sections acts as a pointer to your site

In the US, we use PRWeb and although PRWeb claims to cover Canada , we find that we get better results for Canadian companies with Marketwire.

Guest Blogging

Writing guest blogs can also help you build trust, but you need to ensure that the site where you are guest posting is authoritative.

If you use Firefox as your browser, you can download SEOBook’s Toolbar. The toolbar has a PageRank (PR) feature that will indicate the PR of the website your guest blog post will appear on. If the feature (rectangular box) is grey, the website hasn’t been indexed yet. If the box white, it has a PR of 0n but at least the page has been indexed.

So why would you post your blog entry on a site that hasn’t been indexed by Google yet or has a PR of 0? You wouldn’t, unless you felt that the site had potential to become an authoritative site on its own.

On guest blogging platforms line, people “bid” on your blog post by offering to add your post to a PR2 or PR3 page on their website. The higher the PR the better.

Thinking out of the box will help you get your guest posts accepted. For instance, if you own a health food supply store and see a request for guest posting on a travel website, you can write about how to eat healthy while traveling. Other than these, getting links from .edu and other neutral sites can also improve your website authority.

To implement these ideas and to build your website authority through other relevant techniques, make sure you hire a reliable search engine optimization specialist.

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