Four Tests to Get Better Conversions from Your PPC Campaign

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Continuously testing various aspects of your PPC campaign is important to ensure that they lead to high conversions. Here are four key things you should test from time to time for better conversions from your campaign.

Test your landing pages

You may often plan to test your landing pages but never really get to it. If this is the case, then start out by testing your landing pages one by one. You can start with the ‘call for attention’, make changes and test the page. There are many possible changes you can make to your landing page, and testing will help you decide which changes to implement.

Test your Ads

This is a no brainer – but still many people don’t test their ads for quite some time at a stretch. Here again, divide and schedule the tasks such that they are manageable, and start testing your ad groups one by one.


Google AdWords Experiments enables you to test a number of changes like full ad group changes, keyword changes, bidding changes etc. If you are interested in improving your PPC campaign, you can benefit from trying it out.

Test Ad Extensions

Ad extensions may not be suitable for all kinds of ads but suitable extensions can make a great difference to the ad. If you are not already using them, you can use some of the extensions in your ads and check out the difference they make. Local businesses can use the location extension, ecommerce sites may benefit from adding products to Merchant center and almost everyone can use sitelinks.

All e-marketers need to remember that continuous testing is necessary for a profitable PPC campaign and successful paid internet marketing.

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