Get Started With SEO | Playing Catch Up is Brutal

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Aaron Wall illustrates one of the main issues with SEO today. By now, everyone has heard of SEO but how many businesses are really doing it? How many people put in a half hearted effort before calling it a day?  Of course, that is the easy thing to do isn’t it. Throw in the towel and claim that SEO doesn’t work because someone doesn’t have the courage to see it through.

Still, there are those clients/entrepreneurs that have the conviction to make a commitment to SEO and see it through. For smaller sites, it may take a while to see the results but for larger sites, benefits can be startling.

In November, we relaunched a website in Toronto with tens of thousands of products. SEO changes to the site’s architecture were completed a month ago. The result was a 45% increase in organic traffic to the site in the first 30 days. We are talking about thousands of potential new clients for the business.

Keep that number in mind (45% increase in traffic) the next time you think about pulling the plug on SEO before you get started. For every company doing SEO, there are dozens of others saying I could’ve , I should’ve or I would’ve but they won’t. And those are the companies who will be playing catch up for a long time to come.

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