SEO Opportunites In The Online Latino Search Market

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Search Engine Watch reports that while most search marketers spend the majority of their time providing search engine optimization in dominant markets, there are fast growing multicultural audiences gaining momentum.

U.S. Hispanics are more intensive than the U.S. general market. The average U.S. Hispanic spends 20 percent more time online, with 25 percent more pages viewed. They’re using the Internet more than 17 hours per week, and more than half that time is spent on sites written in Spanish. In fact, U.S. Hispanics now spend more time online than they do watching television.

According to a 2006 Interactive Advertising Bureau study, U.S. Hispanics are slightly younger, better educated, and more tech-savvy than non-Hispanic respondents.

Roughly half of U.S. Hispanics speak Spanish fluently, and roughly half of Latino adults (7.1 million) prefer Spanish language sites.

Read the article to find out why the market is so desirable for search engine marketers.

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