Ask Your SEO Company About Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI)

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Coming from the yellow page industry, I have a background in call tracking. Back in the day, we used a unique phone number in every ad so at the end of each month, we were able to tell how many phone calls we received from a specific directory.  In some cases, the number of phone calls our clients received in major cities was astronomical, however, many of the calls came from  job seekers and tire kickers. There was still a lot of mystery in the research.

At the time, we thought this was ground breaking stuff. But fast forward to today and enter the internet marketing business and similar techniques seem almost medieval.

Today, with Google analytics, you can track almost anything your heart desires right down to keyword that resulted in a sale. Still, for an SEO company we need to provide as much ammunition as possible to make more money for our clients.

ClearResults is a call tracking company that provides call tracking solutions that:

* Identify what media is getting you results and eliminate those that are not.
* Increase your phone inquiry/close ratio
* Identify peak & low volume calling patterns.
* Calls can be recorded for later review.
* Web based real time reports available 24/7.

The call tracking system generates phone numbers dynamically, producing a different phone number if a visitor comes from Yahoo, Bing, Google or any other referrer. The system is called Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI).

In its simplest form, you can track a visitor down to the keyword phrase that they typed in to a given search engine or referrer when they called the dynamically generated phone number on your website. Powerful information for any SEO company to provide for their clients, especially in these days of data driven marketing.

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