Search Marketing in 2011- Overcoming Campaign Fragmentation

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Unlike earlier, when search on a desktop was the starting point for majority of online purchases, today online purchases can have different starting points like PCs, mobiles and even television. Also, along with marketing through different channels like paid search and social media, marketers need to deliver content in various formats like display, text, video, social apps and mobile apps. For effective marketing, it is necessary for marketers to overcome campaign fragmentation.

Encourage communication between various marketing teams

Very often, different teams handle branding, search, social media and other channels. The ultimate goal of all these teams is the same, and to reach this goal, proper communication between these teams is important. Increasing interaction between various marketing teams for exchange of ideas, information and problems can make your marketing much more effective.

Make results of all marketing platforms measurable

Measurability is one of the most important elements for effective marketing. Paid search is among the most measurable marketing platforms. However, efforts are required to make other channels like social media measurable. Finding out the increase in online purchase due to social engagement can help measure social media marketing results.

Integrate systems for data consistency

Finally, integration of systems used for tracking and analyzing results is necessary for effective marketing. It makes sense to integrate the existing measurement platforms with various campaign management systems to eliminate data discrepancies.

Organizations that integrate marketing across various channels will experience a fall in the cost of acquiring customers as opposed to companies operating on disjoint marketing campaigns.

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