Reviewing Your E-mail Marketing Campaign

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Email Marketing Microsoft Small BusinessReviewing your email marketing campaign, which is an essential part of internet marketing, not only helps you identify the drawbacks, but also enables improved customer interaction and increased email conversion rates.


To review your email marketing campaign, here are a few points you should consider.


Firstly, check whether your email campaign is in line with the company goals and if it is capable enough of achieving them. Also, check if the email marketing campaign is being measured the right way and with the right analytic tools. By analyzing the campaign, you can decide whether or not it is really useful for your business.


Next, you should consider the list of email contacts you have collected, and how it is being managed. Have you categorized the target customers as per their interest in your product? If not, check how useful the existing list can be for future campaigns and make the necessary changes.


Next, review the quality of your email content and how useful it is to the readers. This can be done by checking how many people actually open the mail and respond to it. Also, measure the response rate and conversion rate for individual topics to identify the strong and weak topics of your emails and newsletters.


Finally, figure out how you can improve the campaign. Talk to friends and colleagues in the industry, read books, browse the internet for information and ask for expert advice. Make a list of essential changes and incorporate them in your newsletters, promotional emails and review it all again, till you make your campaign a success.

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