Marketing Venn Diagram: Your Product and the Consumer

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On one side you have a company that creates a products or provides a service that they present to the community. On the other side you have the consumers that a company is hoping will interact with their product or service. Where these two intersect is where a companies brand is created. This brand is a mix of what you are offering and those that are consuming or engaging with your product or service.

The consumers that are loyal to your brand and engage in a profound way would be located on the outer edge of the brand, connecting with the product on the arc of satisfaction.

The consumers that take your product and make it their own, are on the outer edge of your brand, connecting more with the consumers on the arc of experience. This means that your product is being used in ways in which your consumers are living their lives, and the relevance it has to them.

It’s important for marketers to understand that both their consumers and their brand are behaving in a transformative manner, which is mostly facilitated by social media. Consumers behaviour is constantly changing, and companies need to be aware of these changes and be able to respond or adapt in the appropriate manner before competitors do.

Site Map Pro is a an example of tool that was developed to build site maps for your website. However, once out on the market, SEO (search engine optimization) companies began using that tool as a means to check title tags for websites. This is a good example of how a product was created for one intention and over time was changed by its consumer.

Examples like this are happening everyday and it is a companies responsibility to realize what their customers are seeking, and fulfill those needs to their best ability.

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