Four Plugins for Mobile Friendly WordPress Websites

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Mobile penetration is increasing rapidly and many of these mobiles have internet accessing capabilities. With the increase in use of mobiles for accessing internet, it has become necessary to develop mobile friendly websites for effective company internet marketing. Here are four handy plugins to ensure that your WordPress website is mobile friendly.


This plugin allows you to choose a particular theme to be displayed in a specific device (browser) like Opera Mini or iPhone to make the most of the device capability. It also allows you to develop your own theme for your WordPress website.

This is one of the most popular plugins used by many website owners to make their sites mobile friendly. ensures that your website pages are properly configured and that your site loads quickly every time a user tries to assess it through a mobile browser.

WordPress Mobile Edition

WordPress Mobile Edition jumps into action every time a user tries to assess your site though a mobile browser, and loads your website’s mobile version to ensure better usability. It also enables you to specify the theme to be loaded for a particular browser or devices like Windows Mobile, Opera Mini web browser, iPhone etc. The list of mobile browsers can be edited in the settings pages.


Mowser automatically come to know when a user tries to connect to your site through a mobile. The plugin ensures that the user is redirected to your website’s mobile optimized version. This provides users, accessing your site on a mobile browser, a more comfortable experience.

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