Let’s Not Play Zorro: Who’s Behind the Mask

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Which one sounds more true?

People trust a Robot
People trust a logo
People trust a human being.

Ok so maybe neither really sound the best but let’s put it this way. What is the common theme behind all of the above. Human influence. Humans had to make robots and company logos. Humans are behind everything that we create, especially on the web. So why are we hiding behind fancy designed logos and pictures?
imagesIt has been scientifically proven that people like people. A familiar face is far more affective than a company logo when trying to engage in conversation, or anything for that matter. After all, we are social beings. The day we are born we have the innate capability of facial perception, even after many years of no exposure. It’s a fact people forget patterns easily, such as those in logos and advertising, but faces are much easily remembered, “I recognize you from somewhere..” So why don’t companies take advantage of this?

Well, I know a few people have said that when it comes to social media especially it’s easier to designate a logo to a company as opposed to a face because for one, logos are timeless, two, faces age and three, people sometimes change ownership. These pose a problem. So what can we do about it?

Well for starters not all is lost. There are a few options that companies can take into consideration.

1.    FACE: Put a face up. Ok sure maybe you will have to update it every 5 years to show those wrinkles and white hair, but in reality that’s what people want. Humans. Nothing that looks fake or intimidating. A nice big old-fashioned smile in a photo does wonders. It gives relevance and creates trust. It makes a reader think “ Ok I am dealing with a real person and they mean business”. If you are changing ownership, honesty is a great way to keep that trust going. A message to say that the face will be changing won’t affect following, as long as quality stays the same. Big company? Many owners/partners? One picture with everyone in it is still as affective or individually written blog posts (like Wolf21 does).

2.    LOGO:  Ok, so if you really don’t like the idea of a picture, then putting your company logo is fine. How you can make it work for you is by writing your blog in first person. This gives your blog a better feel to it, as if someone is talking and giving information. It adds relevance. A company logo might have reader’s think it’s a bit cold, but by writing in the first person you can add a bit of personality, which will give it some warmth. Once again giving room for trust and that illusion of a one-to-one conversation with a real person.

Make it social, make it relevant.

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