Three Personal Branding Assessment Tools

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A majority of marketers constantly monitor and analyze the results of their online marketing efforts. This is essential to find out which brand building strategies are giving positive results and which ones have failed. Although marketers give due importance to company internet marketing and branding, they often fail to monitor their personal branding.

Assessment of your personal branding efforts, especially if you are a small business owner, is also important. Your personal brand and that of your company are supportive to each other. Here are some tools to help you assess your personal brand.


PostRank makes use of a ranking system based on points to give you an idea about your blog’s performance. Points are awarded for visitor engagement. Different engagement events have different point values. PostRank considers actions like Facebook likes, retweets, bookmarking on Delicious, Diigo and Digg, and comments, but not visits and time spent on the site.


All you need to do is enter your Twitter handle or name and Backtype will give you an idea about your reach. The tool provides a Backtype score and follower count. You can also get information on comments and retweets generated by your entire blog or a particular blog post by entering your URL.


This is a popular tool for measuring online influence. It makes use of an influence scoring algorithm, which takes into account activities on social media networks like Facebook, twitter and others to provide you a score. This can give you an idea about you standing in comparison to your competitors.

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