People Using Social Media Extensively While Traveling

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Along with the increase in the number of people using social media, the reasons for the use of social media are increasing as well. Initially social media was used only as a mode of connecting with people, but today it is used for a variety of reasons.

The results of a recent survey conducted to find the usage of social media with relation to travel are indicative of our dependence on social media. According to the survey, 72.2% of all the active social network users access the social networking sites daily even while travelling. Maximum usage of social media during travel was by people falling in age group of 25 to 35; especially usage by males was higher compared to females.

People use social networking sites like Facebook before, during as well as after the trip. A survey of female travelers came up with these results: 82% women travelers used social networks after the trip to share their experience, videos and photos, 55% used it prior to trip to find information about the place of visit and 46% women used it during the trip as well.

The survey also collected information on devices used for accessing these social sites during travel. About three quarter women used laptops, followed by 47% using smart phones for the purpose while just 12% women used a notebook and 8% a tablet PC.

The results are somewhat as expected, but the figures confirm dependence of people on social media and are indicative of the reach that social media marketing has.

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