Online Targeting – User Attitudes and Preventive Measures

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According to a 2011 survey by Krux Digital, 87 percent internet users said that having to view ads in return for free content was reasonable. Although majority of survey respondents were favorable towards online advertising, the percentage of internet users in favor of targeted ads is much smaller.

In the same survey, Krux Digital also collected information on attitudes of US internet users towards online tracking.  According to the results of this survey-

  • 57 percent survey participants were ok with websites tracking their activity to target ads on that site.
  • 27 percent of respondents were favorable to websites tracking their activities to target ads on other sites
  • 22 percent said it was ok if a website tracks their activities and shares anonymous information with other sites who want to target them.
  • 19 percent survey participants were ok with websites using information about their offline activities to target them.

The survey results also indicated that 52 percent survey participants took some kind of measures to prevent online tracking by websites and marketers. Among the users who took measures to prevent online targeting, the most popular tool was opt-out lists used by 39 percent users. 30 percent participants used private browsing and 18 percent used browser plug-ins to avoid targeting.

Internet users are enthusiastic about tracking prevention solutions as well. 86 percent were in favor of using a centralized tool to manage targeting. Also, 4 in 5 respondents said that they would be more positive towards sites offering such option. It is clear, the key to effective internet marketing through targeting lays in giving users control and maintaining transparency.

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