Online Marketing Trends Observed in 2011

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Trends in the field of marketing, especially online marketing, keep changing frequently. Marketers need to identify these and adjust their SEO SEM marketing strategies accordingly. Here are some of the prominent trends observed this year.

Increased importance of social media metrics

According to a Harris Interactive study, overall 87% of adult internet users are active on social networking sites. 22% spend at least 1 hour per week on social sites, while 17% users, in the age bracket of 18-34, spend as much as 6-10 hours on social networking per week.

Today social media marketing is an essentials part of the overall marketing mix for a majority of online businesses. Marketers are no more merely testing social media waters, but plunging into it headlong. It has become more important than ever to optimize social media efforts by monitoring social metrics with the use of analytical data and tools.

Over the last one or two years, there has been a considerable hike in social media marketing budgets. With the growing budgets, the need to measure ROI from social media efforts has also assumed greater importance.

Greater usage of video marketing

Video marketing is rapidly gaining popularity. It is not only one of the most effective means of communication, but also provides SEO benefits. As a result, video marketing platforms like YouTube are getting greater attention from marketers.

Comeback of direct marketing

Direct marketing is one of the oldest methods of marketing. After being out of fashion for quite some time, it is making a comeback this year. But this time around, direct marketing will involve use of new methods like social networking and email.

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