Mobility, Mobility Everywhere…Even Firefox Jumps On Board

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Sometimes, I take a while to jump on board with new technology. Certainly, I am never the first to buy and try the latest and greatest. I like to watch and listen. Read up a bit. Compare different platforms. Basically wait until the original glitches iron themselves out. We’re a little cautious in our house, but we love to drool over every new release and debate their merits. It’s been some time that we’ve talked about mobile technology in our house.

To say that I would love a mobile device is a bit of an understatement. I’ve not felt like it was the right time to jump into this market yet. Until today. Chris Crum wrote an article entitled “Firefox Finally Goes Mobile” that has me about ready to throw on my coat to go buy a Nokia N900.

You see, I am particular about my web browser. I’ve tried a few. I know Microsoft will roll over in their fancy corporate desk chairs, but I’ve never been enamored with Internet Explorer. For a long time I was a fan of Netscape, but that ship sailed off a number of years ago. These days I toggle between Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. I’ve been all but a Firefox pusher in the past, but there are some nice features in Chrome too.

All of this is to say that my browser of choice has now gone mobile. Don’t underestimate how happy it makes techno geeks when their tools of choice line up.

So, if you love Firefox and are drooling at the prospect of using it on a mobile device, Chris has summed up its the features well:

• Awesome Bar – Go to your favorite sites in just a couple of keystrokes with intelligent and personalized searching
• Weave Sync – Sync your Firefox tabs, history, bookmarks and passwords between your desktop and mobile device for a seamless browsing experience
• Add-ons – Customize your Firefox by adding small pieces of functionality, like games and news readers, that help make the mobile Web browser your own
• Location-Aware Browsing – Get maps and information relevant to your location
• Tabbed browsing – View open tabs as thumbnails to easily identify and select the Web page you’d like to go to next
• Safe Browsing – Get an Instant Web Site ID and easily access and edit security settings
• Available in more than 30 languages and counting

Better yet, the popular add-ons of Firefox are available for its mobile version, so if you wanted to use geo guides or the TwitterBar on your mobile device (sounds like a great match, doesn’t it!) you will be able to do it. Firefox has over 40 add-ons available for its mobile application, so there should be something for everyone. Even those of us who tend to wait for a perfect moment in technology to jump on board.

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