Mobile Ads – Assessing Their Efficacy by Analyzing the Recall Rates

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With the increasing acceptance of mobile ads by mobile users, they are rapidly gaining popularity among advertisers. Briabe Media (mobile marketing agency) and MocoSpace (mobile social network) carried out a survey of the US mobile internet users to find out the recall rates of mobile ads based on gender, age as well as race.

According to the survey results, overall 37% of the survey participants recalled specific mobile ads. The recall rates were almost same for both the genders, with males just 1% less likely than females to remember mobile ads. The most remembered mobile ads included those of handsets, wireless carriers and the major retailers.

The difference in recall rates among different age groups was slightly bigger with the survey participants over 30 years being 2% more likely to recall mobile ads than the teenagers. The biggest difference in recall rates was seen among different ethnicities. The black internet mobile users were most likely to recall mobile ads at 41%, the Asians and the white population followed with the recall rate of 36%, while the recall rates were lowest among the Hispanics at 34%.

A similar survey carried out earlier by Luth Research for the MMA (Mobile Marketing association) had come up with slightly different results. The overall recall rate in this survey was much higher at 58%. Among the respondents claiming to have a recall of mobile ads, 39% took some or the other action in response to the ads and of these 43% people ultimately made a purchase. These figures are more encouraging for advertisers interested in internet marketing through mobiles.

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