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Most people find the link building part of SEO challenging. It’s not just the quantity of links you get but also about the quality. Having a good strategy is very important for effective link building, and getting links from people who matter can make a huge difference.

Identify the influencers first

A common mistake made by many people is considering all users similar. If you observe closely, every social networking platform will have few users who are more active than others. Among the active user, some of the users will be powerful enough to influence the opinion of other users. These are the influencers. Connecting with the influencers is profitable because other users listen to the influencers and tend to follow them. Impressing the influencers is a difficult task, but it will prove profitable in long run.

For identifying the influencers, you can use and start following them. Make a note of the topics that interest them, re-tweet their postings and try to start some interaction. Such relationship building will help you push you own content at an appropriate time. The influencers generally have their own sites or blogs, where your links can propagated to.

Conduct customer survey

Conducting a customer survey is an effective way of finding out if your target audience is socially active. In case of an active audience, you can follow them and get some useful information. Satisfied customers may willingly provide you a link back form their profile/site.

Use forums for link building

We all know that participating in active and relevant forums can help in link building. Interact with influential and respected users and remember to insert links only when suitable, and not to misuse the privilege.

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Description: Getting links from people with influencing power is a great link building strategy.

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