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I’ve noticed quite a few Facebook related articles circulating around the web, most of them concerning scams and spammers. Who would have thought our beloved Facebook would come down to this?


So they are everywhere and annoy all of us equally. With Facebook’s rule and strick regulations who would have thought that people would still find a way to irritate a social media networks people. Who and what are they doing? For starters, groups on Facebook are created for all sorts of reasons. From silly to serious, Facebook is inundated with groups, especially those pertaining to schools or universities since Facebook was originally intended for college and university students ex: Class of ‘09. Now that it has gone public, more and more school groups are being created with slightly different purposes. Most school/university groups have been created to give prospect students information about the school such as registration dates, tours etc. Here’s the twist, spammers are creating Facebook groups with the exact same name as the school or date of graduation. Some are even going as far as writing ex: OFFICIAL group of ’09. Some spammers don’t create the groups, but pretend to be students and invade different groups. It is becoming clear that viral marketing campaigns are to blame for these spammers or posers.

It’s frightful to think that potential students and graduates are part of groups or have members in them that aren’t actually there for the purpose that was initially intended. Schools and universities have to take action to take control of the Admin and to make sure that no one is tampering with such groups. It is important to bring awareness to this situation.

For more information read this article

Ok so maybe spammers have an easier job on Facebook compared to this next example. Apparently scammers have been hacking into people’s personal Facebook accounts. They look through all your personal information, photos, friends etc and really get to know you and what you are about. Then when they see the chance, they strike up a conversation with your friends on Facebook chat and ask for money. Either saying you are stranded somewhere and need help or your stuff has been stolen, these scammers try and get money out of your friends. How terrifying is this?? I dug a bit deeper and found that is actually a regular occurrence amongst Facebook users!! The horror. Innocent people using social media sites that are being scammed thinking they are doing good. It annoys me to think that people like this are out there, invading social sites and giving them bad names.

I hope Facebook takes further action on both matters, and instead of them worrying about breastfeeding mothers posting pictures of bare breasts, they should worry about bigger matters such as these. 

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  • People fear what they don’t understand. Simple as that. There is nothing to be afraid of. Call it spam all you want, but marketers are just using new strategies that alot of the older generation is afraid of because they don’t understand it.

    I think there is more fear from the older generation than from students themselves…

    perfect example… Campus Buddy did a viral campaign in one of our facebook groups for their service a year ago (i am a freshman, soon to be a sop next fall)… I am so happy that they “spammed” the group with their ads because Campus Buddy has been a very useful tool for me, and without the facebook campaign i wouldn’t have known about it.

    There are two sides to everything.. Students don’t need parenting, we can make our own decisions.

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