Internet Yellow Pages™ | Old School Thinking and Execution

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Search Engine Land’s Grant Crowell reviews Internet Yellow Pages™ video in a recent post. Grant discusses how IYPs like and aren’t getting the SEO thing among many more deficiencies.

The fact is that Yellow Pages™ publishers still think and react in print time. Get an idea, put it on the drawing board, discuss for a few months and then in six to eight months they will do an in-depth study. A year later, they are “testing” the product. How fast do you think Google would do it? Oops!, it’s done already.

My background is in Yellow Pages™ advertising and I can tell you that I had no idea what work was till I got involved in search engine optimization. SEM is a advanced marketing. Search engines work at light speed in comparison to IYPs.

Still, it is not the Yellow Pages™ products that continue to keep clients holding on to old technology, it is the terrific sales force. Pretty tough to keep up to them with little or no feet on the ground, knocking on doors. As long as they have that advantage, they will continue to be heard from in the online marketing world.

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