Increasing Use of Smartphones for Shopping

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According to an estimate by eMarketer, the number of smartphone users in the US alone will be close to 73.3 million in 2011. The results of a study conducted by iModerate Research Technologies and Chadwick Mertin Bailey indicate that around 50% smartphone users made use of their devices for shopping. While 41% consumers made direct purchases through the device, 70% used applications on the device for in-store shopping.


The popular reasons for using smartphones while shopping include price comparison Р66%, to find store location and to check out the discounts available Р58%, to read reviews Р49%, to check out the competitive products/services Р46%, check availability Р38%, compare features  Р37% and make a purchase Р17%.


Recently comScore carried to a study to find out the percentage of smartphone owners making use of the device for various shopping related activities. According to the results:


  • 49% consumers used smart phones to find nearby stores
  • 46% to used it to compare prices
  • 44% to research product details,
  • 40% to compare prices while shopping in-store
  • 30% to look for product review/recommendations, for deal-of-the-day apps and mobile barcode scanning for price comparison
  • 28% made a purchase through smartphone
  • 26% used them to look for reviews/recommendation on social sites
  • 21% to share product recommendation through email and
  • 11% to share recommendation through social sites or apps


According to a study by Accenture, customers found the retail shopping apps offering money-off coupons and providing access to information on the current in-store specials most helpful. The third most popular function was driving direction for the store. With such a large umber of consumers using their smartphones for shopping, marketers need to consider this while formulating their company internet marketing strategies.


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