Increase Your Website Traffic with StumbleUpon

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Social media marketing is not just about Facebook or Twitter. With the recent report that StumbleUpon can generate more traffic than Facebook, many businesses are now eager to use this social networking site. Here are a few things you should know about StumbleUpon as an internet marketing tool.

StumbleUpon is a great tool to build and generate your website traffic over a period of time. Like organic SEO, it may take a bit of time before it starts sending traffic to your site, but once it does, it’s going to be a reliable source of visitors.

However, you should remember that the traffic that gets diverted to your site may not be all that profitable to you, as the visitor who has landed on your site most probably clicked on the ‘stumble’ button, and is there not because of his interest in your content or product. This can be considered the biggest flaw of this social networking site, which makes it not so great as a targeted marketing platform. But this is also its biggest advantage, as it allows a large number of people to look at your website.

While it can definitely help in increasing the number of visitors to your website, it is not necessary that all of them or even some of them can be converted to buyers. This website nevertheless has great potential for generating large amounts of traffic, provided it fits in with your overall online marketing campaign.

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