How to Increase Your Email Conversion rates

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Email MarketingEmail is an effective internet marketing tool that helps you reach out to individual customers and prospects with ease. Email marketing can be highly profitable as it involves in selling something to an existing customer or prospect whose trust you have already gained. However, to get a better ROI by increasing your email conversion rates, here are a few tips you can use.


First of all, if you want your customers to open the email and see what’s in it, you should avoid spamming their mailboxes. Avoid sending too many emails, irrelevant emails and using spam words like free, discount, offer, freebies etc. To make it more effective and professional, use a corporate or business email id that is created on your website’s domain name rather than a free email account.


Next, you should spend some time to create your own list of prospects from the list of subscribers and website visitors, instead of buying a ready list from other sources. This will make sure you are targeting the right audience and increase the likelihood of sales. Also, focus on understanding your niche market and send emails that are useful to them. Share as much valuable information as possible, but avoid cramming their mailbox.


If you know the names of the subscribers, address them by name and personalize the mail, rather than using a generic term such as ‘customer’ or ‘homeowner. Also, mention your name in the end rather than just using your designation. Make it a point to interact with your customers regularly so that they are reminded of your presence and are updated about your products or industry news.


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