How to Improve Online Display Advertisements

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Online display advertising such as banner advertisements and pop-up advertisements can play an important role in internet marketing for diverting more traffic to your business website. But if you want users to click on the ad and land on your website, your ad should have the right design, colors, and text that appeal to the viewers. Here are a few tips you can follow to make your display ads more effective.


To begin with, your ad design should make best use of the space available to create an ad copy that mentions product benefits for the users, call to action and also contact information without cramming. Also, the ad should have the right combination of eye-catching colors for background, foreground and text. In case you want to include animations, make sure that they are relevant and not very jarring to the eye.


Once you are clear with the design part, you should ensure that the advertisement is perfect on the whole, as incomplete or skewed ads look unprofessional. If the ad is interactive, ensure that it is functioning properly and brings the expected results. Once the ad is complete, you should focus on placing the ad at an appropriate place on the page so that it is easily visible.


Lastly, create a separate landing page for your display ad so that your targeted customers can see what they want without any distraction. Also, choose the right type of display ads such as banner ads, pop-in ads and sky scraper ads rather than pop-ups, pop-under ads and frame ads that are not favored by web users and can hamper progress of your online marketing campaign.

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