How to Improve Your Keyword List

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Whether it is for search engine optimization of your website or for your PPC campaign, keyword research is an essential part of any business’s internet marketing strategy.  A number of tools are available for this purpose. You can either use free tools like Google AdWords keyword tool or paid services like WordTracker. Effective keyword list can be the difference between a successful and a failed marketing campaign. So here are three strategies to help you create a more effective keyword list.

Don’t be misled by your assumptions

You may think that you know which keywords your target users are most likely to use to find your website. This assumption is usually based on the keywords that you yourself would use to find your site. But the keywords used by the owner of a website, and internet users, to find the same website, may be very different. It’s best not to be misled by assumptions and depend on real keyword research.

Estimate your traffic levels

You need to have an idea about the expected traffic levels for the keywords to select keywords both for optimizing website or AdWords. You can use Google’s traffic estimator tool to find out expected number of clicks for your ads and average value of bid for the keyword used. Also, you can use your analytics report to find out the average number of visitors required to make a sale. All these figures will help you find out if a keyword is profitable or not.

Use keywords you already rank for

You can find out the keywords popularly being used to find your site from your analytics report. You can use this list to find related keywords with Google AdWords keyword tool.

This will also help improve your keyword list.

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