Guidelines for Effective ‘Call to View’ for Your Onsite Videos

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If used properly, an onsite video can be a powerful internet marketing tool. Also, these days you can create a great video even on a tight budget. But the real challenge lies in getting the maximum number of views for your video after it is placed on your website. Effective ‘call to view’ is essential to make the most of your onsite videos.

  • Your website visitors will not watch a video without a good reason. Give them a reason to watch the video by stating how it will benefit them. The benefits should be stated in simple language above the video and should not exceed two lines.

  • You can set off the video more prominently by making a subtle change in the color of background border of the video. This simple change is known to increase the number of clicks on forms, calls to action and videos by as much as 20 percent.

  • Using an engaging and informative graphic image for the video can make a lot of difference. Avoid using the opening shot of the video as graphic image, as it can be unattractive and confusing. The opening image can be from the video itself or a different source.

  • Describing the video in a very simple and concise manner on the graphic image also helps increase the number of clicks.

  • It’s best to inform viewers about the length of the video in advance. This will avoid missed clicks due to uncertainty about the length of the video.

  • Finally, use a video bar to ensure that visitors identify the graphic as a video.

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