What Not to Do While Guest Posting

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According to the top search engine optimization specialists, link building is one of the most essential aspects of SEO. Guest posting is an effective method to get backlinks and widen your audience. But getting your guest posts accepted by an authoritative blog may not be very easy. Here are some of the things you should avoid, if you want your guest posts to be accepted.

Too many typos

An authoritative and popular blog will expect good quality content. Your guest post has to meet their standards to be accepted. If your article is full of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, there is a very good chance of your post being rejected. Proof read your post to remove any such errors before submitting it.

Many links back to your blog

The purpose of your guest post may be to get some backlinks, but this does not mean you can stuff your post with as many links as you wish. Go through the guest posting instructions and if allowed, you may include a link to your site in such a way that it seems to appear naturally in the post.

Ignoring instructions

If you want your guest post to be accepted, going through the guest posting instructions provided by the host blog and adhering to them is essential. Read the instructions carefully before you start working on the post to ensure that your efforts don’t go waste.

Writing on a topic not related to the theme of the blog

If the target blog deals with technology, you can’t write a post on ‘Tips to make yummy brownies’ and expect it to be accepted. You need to go through the blog, understand the type of content and theme if follows, and choose a topic on similar lines.

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