Google’s Online Marketing Savvy Makes It the Worlds Top Brand

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Never underestimate the online marketing savvy and foresight of Google. It is this facility for having their finger on the pulsing zeitgeist of ourGoogle Doodles times that has made Google not only the world’s most successful search conglomerated, but the number one brand in the world (with an AAA+) rating among the annual Brand Finance Global 5OO.

An illustration of Google’s marketing savvy,and foresight was on display this week when a 10-year patent application for the “Google Doodle” was finally granted. Granted, mind you, if we are talking in terms of Google’s newly patented “System and Method for Enticing Users to A Web Site,” rather than the simpler “Google Doodle.”

Google cofounder, Sergey Brin, is credited with launching and pursuing the 10 year fight for a patent on its popular home page doodles, according to a report in the Christian Science Monitor.

“For having been filed ten years ago, this is brilliant – the idea that a logo can be exciting,” Richard Siegel, CEO of Internet technology provider Archbridge, told ABC News today. “It doesn’t have to be a standard rubber stamp, but can instead be used as a way to enhance people’s enjoyment of what they’re viewing. This shows me Google was on the ball even back in 2001.”

But not everyone agrees, reports the CSM. Over at Business Insider, Matt Rosoff calls the Google doodle patent proof that the US patent system has spiraled out of control. “The actual methods described in the patent don’t seem to be anything special – it’s not like Google has some amazing unique way of changing its logo daily,” Rosoff writes. “The patent system was originally created to foster innovation by protecting small inventors from having their ideas ripped off by big companies. But increasingly, big companies are using patents for exactly the opposite reason – to stop competitors from innovating.”

The Christian Science Monitor has a nice selection of Google’s “All-Time Best Doodles.” But speaking only for myself, of course, this writer wants to know when and where T-shirts with the Google Doodle commemorating John Lennon’s 65th birthday will be available.

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