Four Free Web Analytics Tools

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Although it is always useful to get advice from SEO specialists, it is possible for small online business owners to develop and optimize internet marketing campaigns on their own. There is no need to spend money on pricy web analytics tools. There are many handy tools available on the internet free of cost. Here are four free tools you may find useful in making your marketing campaign and business website more effective.

Crazy Egg

Assessment of site usability is essential for the success of your business website. Crazy Egg can help you improve your website usability. It offer overlays, lists and heat maps that give you an insight into habits and behaviors of your website visitors. You will find this tool at


Today social media marketing forms an important part of the overall internet marketing mix for most businesses. Kontgent can help you get better results from your social media marketing efforts. It offers metrics to measure ‘virality’ of your Facebook apps and other social media services and applications. This tool can be found at


This is the perfect tool for you, if you are not the nerdy kind, but need analytics tool to monitor your online business. It provides loads of useful information with regards to campaign tracking, traffic patters and segmented visitor information in an easy to understand manner. This business analytics tool is available at


Use this tool to improve your search rankings. The free ‘lite’ version of GoingUp provides many useful tools for search engine optimization and web analytics. You can find this handy tool at

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